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British Values and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Personal and Character Development at North Wheatley



Books are the gateway to the curriculum and open our eyes to things we can't always see, feel or experience for ourselves.


Carefully selected texts support the aims of the school in developing pupils' to become responsible, respectful and active citizens. 

Books are used through the curriculum and assemblies to develop and deepen pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law, and mutual respect and tolerance and promote equality of opportunity so that all pupils can thrive together, understanding that difference is a positive, not a negative, and that individual characteristics make people unique. Books are selected to ensure that all the 9 protected characteristics are explored. 



Promoting British Values


Our promotion of British Values in school


As a school, we value and celebrate the diverse heritages of everybody.  Alongside this, we value and celebrate being part of Britain. In general terms, this means that we celebrate traditions and customs in the course of the year; for example, Harvest Festival, Eid, Diwali and Christmas to name but a few.  We also value and celebrate national events, e.g. The Queen’s Jubilee.


Our school's core values align closely with British values and through these, our pupils will become productive citizens of modern Britain. These values are threaded throughout school life and evident in pupils’ behaviour in all areas. These values are taught explicitly through Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE) and Religious Education (RE) and through our deep and rich, concept curriculum underpinned by our Christian Values.


Children learn about being part of Britain from different perspectives. They learn where Britain is in relation to the rest of Europe and other countries in the world and about significant events in British history such as ‘The Gunpowder plot’ and key historical figures.


See our Promoting British Values Statement below to find out how else we promote British Values in our school. 


My Personal Development and Cultural Passport 


The North Wheatley C of E Primary Personal Development and Cultural Passport supports pupils' Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by providing opportunities to access a wide range of experiences beyond the curriculum.


These 10 carefully planned experiences aim to provide children with the following skills throughout their North Wheatley journey. 

  • To reflect on their own beliefs and choices having widened their perspective as a result of gaining knowledge of, and respect for, different people’s faiths, feelings and values. 

  • To greater understand and have an appreciation of the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage and that of others. 

  • To participate in and respond positively to artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities. 

  • To widen their understanding of the school values of Community, Hope, Respect, Faith, Wisdom and Courage through first-hand experiences beyond the classroom. 

  • To develop an deeper of understanding of who they are, what their personal values, dreams and aspirations are. 

British Value Statement

The 9 Protected Characteristics

Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural and Values Plan 2023/24

Personal Development at North Wheatley C of E Primary

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