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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information Page 

We are an inclusive school. Teaching and learning is of a high standard and geared towards enabling all pupils to access a broad and rich curriculum to foster independent learning and develop lifelong skills. We believe that children achieve at their best if they feel safe, healthy, confident and happy and therefore we do our best to support all our children to develop good self-esteem and personal fulfillment by providing all pupils with opportunities to be 'the best me they can be'.


Our aim is to encourage and develop independence and self-motivation; to provide a happy school environment where children show tolerance, respect and consideration for others; to foster a love of learning and a sense of wonder; to enable children to fulfill their potential in all areas of the curriculum and to welcome and encourage parental and community involvement in the school.


We believe in the right of every child and young person to receive an education that enables them to make progress so that they achieve their best, become confident individuals leading fulfilling lives, make a successful transition to secondary school and are prepared for adulthood. To achieve this, we have a whole school approach and commitment to doing everything we can to meet pupils’ special educational needs.


At North Wheatley C of E Primary, positive partnerships between home and school is a priority in supporting pupils to overcome difficulties. 


  Mrs H Thomson               Mrs J Bennet

     SENDco                        Lead SEND

                                             Teaching Assistant 

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