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Are you concerned about a child?

Acting quickly can make all the difference.

If you think a child might be suffering neglect or abuse, it can be difficult to know what to do. But your action is vital in making sure that child gets the help they need.  

To contact the school, call 01427 880409 and ask to speak with one of our Designated  Safeguarding Leads or email

At North Wheatley, we recognise that the safeguarding of our pupils no longer stops at the school gates and with our current situation and more pupils accessing remote learning, it is imperative that we continue to safeguard our pupils both in and out of school.
For this reason, we have set up an online reporting tool called 'Whisper' as a new line of anonymous communication within the school community. Whisper allows pupils and parents alike to report any issues or concerns they may be having either online or in person, anonymously, through SMS messaging or via email. The school will be able to actively respond to any reports and offer the correct guidance and support where needed. We hope this will allow pupils and parents to feel confident in coming forward with any problems they may be experiencing.

If you need to report anything, please follow the link
Alternatively, you can send a message to 07860 021 323 starting your message with NWP123 to report via SMS.

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