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White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths is an award-winning system for teaching and learning mathematics to young learners. It has been developed in accordance with the UK education system by a team of mathematicians who have spent years developing innovative ways to teach mathematics. Their aim is to provide free resources for teachers so they can focus on teaching rather than worrying about finding resources.

It provides detailed "schemes of learning" (A scheme of learning is a clear, time-linked plan for learning) for Early Years up to GCSE level, along with worksheets, interactive whiteboard slides, parent booklets, and various other resources, many of which are free. The lessons are designed to be flexible enough to adapt to any curriculum or timetable. They also include teacher notes, which explain how to use the resources effectively.

At North Wheatley we follow the suggested long term plans provided by WRM and have organised our Maths target books to reflect the unit blocks outlined in this planning. We focus on Place Value at the beginning of the year to ensure that pupils have a confident grasp of numbers and the number system which can then be applied to many other aspects of the maths curriculum. There is a focus on the four operations which can then be applied and revisited through other aspects of mathematics such as measure and statistics. 

In our lessons, staff use the small steps as a guidance to planning in conjunction with our target books to ensure that there is a thorough coverage of the curriculum but at a pace that is suitable for each class. This may mean that WRM planning is supplemented by other resources; created by staff or sourced from elsewhere.

Examples of White Rose Maths Planning and Resources