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Our PE Curriculum in action

Swimming Provision 

Pupils in Year 3 and 4 go swimming every Autumn Term. We swim at Go Swimstars in Bawtry. 


Any child who has not achieved 25 metres by the end of Year 4 will continue to access sessions, either with school or privately, to ensure they achieve their 25 metres before the end of year 6. 

Pupil Review of Swimming

Written by Harvey, Year 3


We have been swimming at Swimstars, Bawtry, for six weeks now and have some information to share.

When you get to the pool you take off your outdoor shoes and put them in a blue box. You take the box into the changing room and there is a cubicle for each person to get changed in. When you are ready, you leave all your things in the box in your cubicle, ready for when you get out.

When you get to the pool, you all sit on a bench and wait to be called into groups. There are different things to help you like back floats, floats, waddles and the swimming teachers, who are in the water with you. It is hard to touch the floor in the pool because it is the same depth everywhere, 1.2m, so you have to hold onto the wall when you are not swimming. This makes it easier when you are swimming though as it is easier to keep going.


On Friday 14th October we have did a practice lifesaving session. We had to throw floats from the side to the person in the water, shouting instructions to help them get back to the edge. We checked for if a casualty was breathing and gave chest presses to help them. We learnt how to wrap a waddle around our own or someone else’s neck, and to hold it with crossed arms and legs to float on our backs. We talked about who we would call for help – calling 999. We used a pole so we could reach someone in the water and pull them to land, twisting it sideways so we could keep our grip. We laid down on our front so there is more grip and the person in the water couldn’t pull us in.


"I am enjoying swimming here with school, it means I swim 2 times a week. I am getting better at swimming."

Harvey Y3


"I like swimming here because the teachers are in the pool to help you and let you do it again if you don’t get it first time."

Elsie Y4


"I like to go swimming because they support you to get better each week."

George Y4


"I like going swimming here because if you struggle a teacher will come and help you."

Evie Y4


 "I like swimming here because when you do the lengths the teachers are here to help you keep going and explain if you need more help."

Harriet Y4


"I like it at this swimming pool because the teachers are in the pool to help you."

Amelie Y3


 "The swimming teachers are very kind."

Zahra Y4