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Wellbeing and Positive Relationships at North Wheatley

Wellbeing and Positive Relationships

Wellbeing and positive relationships are an important part of the culture and ethos of North Wheatley. This year one of our school development priorities has been to continue to improve and work upon the wellbeing support we provide to our pupils.


Our pupil’s have recently been discussing our new behaviour policy changes and our Reflect and Repair Sessions (R&R).


Year 5 boy – “It’s much better than just being put on stop because that doesn’t really change anything.


Year 5 boy – “I felt listened to and like everyone could agree on what happened. It’s better than the SatNav way because that just makes you feel more angry when you are getting told off and can’t explain what’s happened.”


Year 5 boy – “You get heard and you can put a line under it and move. When we had a fall out we talked it through and said sorry and now we are friends again which is really good.”


Year 6 boy – “ I really like [R&R]. It’s much better that teachers don’t just tell you off, they listen. It’s much more chilled out and doesn’t get you down as much because they hear your side. It’s a much better way because you can reflect on what you’ve done wrong and feel more positive at the end of it.”


Year 4 girl – “If you’ve had the worry for a long time then you get it off your mind and know that it’s being handled.”


Year 3 girl – “You get to tell your side of things and you can put things right. I got to talk about what I did and I’ve learnt that I won’t do it again.”