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Annabelle's Winning Notts Lit Fest Entry

The Midnight Forest


Dear Diary,


The forest was silent. Only the sound of the midnight breeze was heard by the human ear. I was sure no-one was around. It was the middle of the night. Although, still, I asked myself if this was right. Ignoring my question, I stumbled into the woods, I believe once belonged to the Shire, watching patches of moonlight filter through the dense trees. This place was creepy. And beautiful. Beautiful, but creepy. I focussed on my task. This was possibly the most important thing I’d ever done. No-one would stop me. I felt like I was in a movie, although, this was not just scenery, this was real. I began to look around the forest for what I needed. What the task had told me to collect. The sky was dotted with stars, like a child had flicked white paint on black paper. Water from today’s rain slid off the leaves, and the trees rustled and whispered amongst themselves. I took no notice. My mission wasn’t to admire scenery. It was serious. I dropped to my knees in front of a pile of some leaves, each with an orangey tinge. I began fumbling around in them. This, apparently, was where ‘it’ was hidden.


Then, I saw a flash of gold amongst all the crispy leaves. I reached in until my hand clasped around it’s cold surface. I daren’t write it down. Even here. I couldn’t risk anyone finding out. I hastily put it in my pocket. If ‘they’ found out, they’d be after me. I still kept one hand clasped around it in my pocket though. They were small and sneaky. I couldn’t risk them getting their hands on this precious artifact. Now, I needed to get out. They could smell gold, and were attracted to it. In my pocket, it muffled the smell, but, they would soon notice it was gone.


I would deliver it to the People, and collect my rewards. Then, the People will be the ones they’re after, and I’ll be safe. With my rewards. But that was later. Now,I was running from them. I needed to escape the forest. I skidded down the narrow gaps in the trees. I was nearly there, nearly at the end of the forest. I could see the moonlight pouring on the grass. Then, at the end, something stepped from the shadows. With luminous green eyes. Run.


Signing out: Videa Brown