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Wellbeing Champions

Our Wellbeing Champions

Our Wellbeing Champions are a selected committee of pupils who work collaboratively across the school to develop harmony and wellbeing for all.

Each year group has two Wellbeing Champions who have had training and meet regularly to discuss ways that they can support pupils around school to feel positive and share with someone if they have worries, concerns or problems. These pupils are also involved in being present at our weekly 'Time to Talk' Drop In sessions, where pupils are welcome to pop in and have a chat, either with an adult or a Wellbeing Champion. 

Pupils in school are encouraged to approach Wellbeing Champions at break times to support resolving conflicts or issues or to ask for support in finding others to play with. Our Champions also monitor and maintain our Wellbeing Areas in each classroom which include a wellbeing basket containing mindfulness resources and these pupils are also encouraged to lead 5 minute mindfulness breathing exercises during classroom time when it is felt appropriate.

We are extremely proud of the pupils who take on this role and the work that they do to support our school community to feel safe, happy and supported at North Wheatley Primary.