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As we are now on remote learning under the present lockdown restrictions (January 2021), Class One will find learning set for them daily on Seesaw. Children will need to use their new QR codes to get access to this. An outline plan will be placed on the website each week, but all activities to be completed will be available through Seesaw.


Please do make contact if any support in access or provision is needed. We're only too happy to help and support our NW family! Stay safe and take care! 

Another Bronze reading award to add to our class collection. Such a joy to celebrate reading, who will be next?
Wow Amelie! I am so impressed.  Keep up the good work.

PE with MSP

Once a week this term, we have enjoyed PE with Mr Daddy, a PE coach from  MSP.  We have been working on our throwing and aim, developing the use of under and over arm throws and considering the power we need in a successfully executed throw. 

Each week, we have improved our skills and used games and partner work to consolidate this.