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Year 3

Welcome to year 3!

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Newsletter. March 2021

Superstar home learners!


We are so impressed with all of the magnificent work that our year three pupils are completing at home. They are working incredibly hard, with the support of their amazing adults to produce such wonderful learning. Here are some of our pupils reading their own adventure stories. They planned and wrote these at home and we are so proud of them. We hope that you enjoy listening to them. 


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Roman wedding and banquet

We all enjoyed leaning about ancient Roman traditions and investigating the differences and similarities between their customs and ours today. We re-enacted an ancient Roman wedding and discovered that we use many of the same customs in our traditional wedding ceremonies. Afterwards, we enjoyed feasting on our banquet of traditional Roman foods. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the honey, although we had a few funny faces when trying the olives. 


We also carefully examined replica artefacts and made links to what we have already learned. For example, the use of a 'bulla' in the wedding ceremony and the symbolism of a wedding ring. 

Our RE lesson today was a discussion about wisdom.

Do we need wisdom for our journey through life?

Who teaches us wisdom?

Everyone joined the discussion and had excellent reasons for their opinions. We decided that it is  good  to be wise and this is something you learn from the examples of others. Parents, teachers and God are the best role models for this.

Next we had ten words to discuss and place in order of importance. This was very difficult as we had many different opinions, we respected each other's thoughts as we tried to order the words. After putting them on a ladder of importance we decided as a group that the words would be better in a circle as they were equally important and linked with each other. 

Do we need wisdom?

October updates 


We have been having great fun in year three, learning about our Christian concept of 'Hope'. As part of this, we have been investigating the ancient Romans and what they brought to Britain when they invaded approximately 2000 years ago! Here are some of our ideas:


"I think that they brought hope to the tribes because they they designed aqueducts to bring clean water to people." Jason 


"Some of the tribes did not want the Romans to invade their island. Such as Boudica!" William 


"The Romans were vicious and even had fights with animals in large arenas. This would not bring hope to the gladiators." Kate


This week, we are going to use our knowledge to create non-chronological reports about the Romans. Keep a look out for these on seesaw as we will soon sharing them. We are also going to be taking part in some interesting activities to celebrate 'recycling week'. Please follow our class twitter page: @NWheatleyYr3 to see lots of our work. 


We look forward to sharing our learning with you!

The pupils and teachers of year 3.