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Special Educational Needs (SEN)


SEND offer

North Wheatley C of E Primary - Local Offer Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

North Wheatley C of E Primary School aims to be an inclusive school by working towards an ethos of Quality First Teaching. Teaching and learning is of a high standard and geared towards enabling all pupils to access a broad and rich curriculum to foster independent learning and develop life long skills. Work is differentiated for Children and Young People (CYP) with SEND to ensure that teaching and learning is at the appropriate level for their individual needs.

We believe that children and young people achieve at their best if they feel safe, healthy, confident and happy and therefore we do our best to support all our CYP to develop good self esteem and personal fulfilment.

At our school, we have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Miss H Sharpe) and she manages support provided for SEND children assisted by Mrs Bennett (SEND Lead Teaching Assistant). Our SENCo and assistant will oversee the assessment of the needs of our CYP and plan appropriate support and interventions. The SENCo/assistant will coordinate liaison with a range of external professionals and ensure that recommendations and advice from those professionals are implemented and reviewed. The SENCo, in liaison with staff, will also identify CYP who may be eligible for additional support throughout their education and in public exams.


Support and access for children with SEND

• Contact with Primary schools and previous schools to share information
• Sharing information with Secondary School and arranging suitable transition programme
• Summer School to support transition
• Setting of aspirational targets and continuous review of progress through regular assessment, half termly tracking, Assertive Mentoring, review meetings, parent evenings, open afternoons, provision mapping and regular consultation with parents about children causing concern


Access to a supportive environment

Based on the CYP’s individual needs we can offer a range of resources including access to:

• Information Communication Technology (ipads laptops)
• Visual aids e.g. visual timetable, reading overlays for dyslexia
• Adaptive equipment
• Wheelchair accessible
• Hearing loop system on request, PECs communication system
Strategies to support/develop English (reading, writing, spelling)


We offer a range of targeted interventions that are additional to and different from our Quality First Teaching, based on assessment of the individual needs of our CYP:

• In class, small group and individual support
• Phonics based programmes
• Daily 1:1 reading
• Key word lists and weekly spelling assessments
• Visual aids
• Dyslexia Screening


Strategies to support/develop Numeracy

We offer a range of targeted interventions that are additional to and different from our Quality First Teaching, based on assessment of the individual needs of our CYP:

• Provision of concrete apparatus e.g. Numicon
• Numicon
• Small group interventions for mathematics
• 1:1 support e.g. 5 minute Numeracy Box
Strategies to support positive behaviours/social skills/emotional development
• Consistent whole school implementation of our school’s behaviour policy
• Individual or group support from our teachers and support staff
• Referral to external professionals e.g., Bassetlaw Primary Behaviour Partnership, Educational Psychologists, Schools and Families Services,, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
• Individual Behaviour plans to give child achievable behaviour targets
• Golden Rules displayed throughout school
• Traffic Light system to enable child to change behaviour before sanctions
• Whole School Golden Time
Strategies/Programmes to support Speech/ Language; Language and Communication Skills


Identification of CYP with possible speech and language difficulties is followed by referral to appropriate professionals. Advice and recommendations from those professionals is then implemented and may include:

• Increased use of visual strategies
• Staff to have access to training from a range of providers
Strategies/Programmes to support CYP with Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy Needs

• Assessment by and advice from an Occupational Therapist (OT) on referral
• Implementation of individual OT/physiotherapy support and intervention programmes by allocated school staff for those children in receipt of these services eg Funfit
• Provision of support resources such as writing wedges, scissors, pencil grips, where required

Access to medical interventions

• Close liaison with our School Nurse to draw up care plans for children with medical issues.
• Staff training in the administration of support and/or medication for conditions such as Epipen use
• Liaison with medical professionals e.g. GPs, hospital consultants and mental health practitioners, providing ongoing advice or treatment to children in the school
• Training for staff based on the specific medical needs of CYP as these arise
• Individual protocols for children with significant medical needs
• Implementation of Risk Assessments
• Key Staff through school First Aid Trained


Engagement with Parents/Carers

Our school operates an open door policy where parents are welcome any time to make an appointment to meet with the Head teacher, the class teacher or SENCo to discuss how their children are getting on. We believe that a child’s education should be a partnership between parents, teachers, and the children themselves. Therefore we:

• Hold regular/Termly progress meetings with parents/carers to discuss the young person/students needs, support and progress
• Share professional reports with parents/carers
• Write an Individual Education Plan for children with SEND that sets out what support they will receive. Parents are given a copy and the plan is discussed with parents on a regular basis.
• Meet with parents/carers of children with a statement of SEND or an Education Health and Care Plan on a termly basis to discuss provision, support and progress.


Arrangements for specialist expertise from outside the school

Our school has access to support from a range of external professionals and may source that support based on the individual needs of our CYP.

At North Wheatley Primary School we will always strive to give our children and their families the best possible support. We will always be ready to listen and wherever possible help and support.


Complaints Procedure

If a parent/carer has any concerns or complaints regarding the care or welfare of their child, an appointment can be made by them to speak to the Head teacher or SENCO, who will be able to advise on formal procedures for complaint .